Alice Elizabeth Thérèse Josephina

MarieAntoinetteAlice Elizabeth Thérèse Josephina was a cousin of Marie Antoinette. The cousins were both born on November 2nd, 1755, but little is known of Alice Elizabeth’s life beyond the scandal that earned her the sobriquet, “La CopyCat”.

Although there was already a striking familial resemblance between the cousins since birth, Alice Elizabeth worshipped Marie Antoinette and replicated both her mannerisms and unique sartorial choices to an extreme that many felt was unhealthy and obsessive.

Marie Antoinette herself was never comfortable with her cousin’s affections, and proffered any excuse to avoid being near her, eventually admitting to her parents that Alice Elizabeth’s “seule femelle blanche” tendencies were causing her to be bilious.

When Marie Antoinette married in 1770 and become occupied with court life (and her own scandals), she was pleased to never again see her cousin.

Alice Elizabeth, however, ruefully mourned the loss of her beloved Marie and continued to emulate her style for the next seven years. In 1777, in an act of desperation that would later prove to be somewhat of an omen, Alice Elizabeth drank a bottle of belladonna, cut off her hair, ran through the streets of Paris in a plain, white dress, and dropped dead in front of the Château de la Muette. Marie Antoinette was not in residence at the time and is said to have had no reaction to the suicide of her estranged cousin.


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