Elvis van Beethoven

Elvis van BeethovenElvis Von, as he preferred to be known, was the brother of the brilliant composer and pianist, Ludwig van Beethoven. Little is known about Elvis’s life, but documents discovered after his famous brother’s death in 1827 indicate Elvis was ostracized by his community for his propensity for spangly attire and repeated bouts of hip gyrations. He was thought to suffer from TYVM, which caused those afflicted to sweat profusely and smile with only half of their face, both looked down upon in Courtly life.

It is also thought that Elvis, like his father, was an alcoholic. Unlike Ludwig, Elvis did not stay close to home to help care for and financially support his family. It is not known if he left on his own accord, or was run out of town by his peers.

The last known sighting of Elvis Von was on a ship headed to America where he reportedly traded his passage for promise of entertaining the ship’s crew and passengers. Expecting to be charmed in the fashion of Ludwig, his audience was scandalized when, instead, Elvis began dancing like a heathen and asking for “…a little less conversation, a little more action, bitte”.

He was not amongst the passengers disembarking ship when it reached port. His life, and death, remain a mystery.


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